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Welcome to Erdington Market – Barnabas Road


We were launched in the 1960’s and were re-branded recently. We are popular with local residents and visitors alike due to our town centre location and wide range of stalls. A busy thoroughfare just off the high street, we’re directly opposite the ‘Charlie Hall’ public house.

Located in Barnabas Road we are a thriving market built around a horseshoe corridor consisting of 20 unique shops each run by local owners with a passion and expertise in what they are selling.

We offer something for every taste, and is the place to find something a little different from what is on offer in the the main high street stores, with an eclectic mix of clothing, handmade craftware, jewellery and cosmetics, exotic footwear and clothing, decorations, pet food, rugs, home furnishings, suitcases and trollies, sweets, antiques, collectables, baby clothes, greetings cards and collectable toys. The market is also home to fabulous café currently being refurbished (watch our Events Page for grand opening date) and also has a stall offering will writing services.

With charming vintage fashion and homeware stalls the market has a growing reputation for the place to visit to buy or rent retro clothes from a by-gone era.

Meet some of our longest established traders and friendly caretaker:


Traders USE

Our aim is to incubate new businesses and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. We are committed to being part of the local community and take pride in being involved in the events put on each year by the Erdington Town Centre Partnership.